Natural-Breeze Reusable Replacement Filter for Holmes HWF65 & H65-C Humidifier Wick

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SKU : NB-004

This reusable Dura-Ester filter is made from a synthetic polymer that draws water quickly and helps prevent impurities from spreading through the air. The NB-004 can be regenerated with a simple wash and reused over and over again. Dura-Ester is a synthetic polymer that is more resistant to mineral deposit and buildup, as well as maintains its shape longer without collapsing.

Stop throwing your money away on disposable filters and purchase your reusable Natural-Breeze Filter that will put the same clean moisture back into your surroundings.

    • Replaces: Holmes HWF65 HWF65CS “C Filter”,  Bionaire BWF-65, Sunbeam SF206 HF206 “C Filter”,  Honeywell HC-15 HC-15N “F Filter”
    • Works with Holmes models:
      • HM1800, HM1840, HM1845, HM1850, HM1851, HM1855, HM1865, HM1888, HM1889, HM1895, HM1975, HM2059, HM2060W, HM2090, HM3000, HM3800, HM3850, HM7600, and HM4000.
    • Works with Sunbeam models:
      • SCM1866, SCM1896 and SCM1896
    • Dimensions: approximate diameter 7-1/4" (outer)/ 5-1/4"(inner) x  7-1/2" H x 1" Thick


    If you need help finding a Natural Breeze replacement filter wick for your humidifier, please contact us.




    Disclaimer: This is a Natural-Breeze replacement filter, not an OEM filter. Please check your manufacturer's warranty with regards to the use of non-OEM parts. All mentions of brand names or model descriptions are made strictly to illustrate compatibility.