Common First Time Filter Mistakes

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HC-14 Paper Filter New

New HC-14 Paper Filter

HC-14 Paper Filter After 30-Days

Same Paper Filter After 30-Days

 Reinforced HC-14 Filter Replacement

#1: Using A Humidifier Water Treatment
There is no need to use a humidifier water treatment with your Natural-Breeze filter, since the filter's synthetic material deters the growth of algae and mold. In fact, we do not recommend using a humidifier water treatment, since it may damage the filter.

#2: Putting your Natural-Breeze filter in the Humidifier Dry
Just like you would with a paper filter, wet your new Natural-Breeze filter before placing it in your humidifier.

#3: Using Hot Water to Clean your Natural-Breeze Filter
Only use COLD water to clean your Natural-Breeze filter. Hot water may damage the filter.

#4: Expecting your Natural-Breeze Filter to Work Exactly like a Paper Filter
You may notice that your Natural-Breeze filter is not wicking water the same way as a paper filter. To remedy this, flip your Natural-Breeze filter periodically to maximize the amount of water that it will wick. Also, try running your humidifier on a low setting for a few hours to allow the filter to draw up more water. Don't worry if the water is not wicked all the way to the top of the filter. As long as water reaches part way up the filter, humidity is being added to the air.

You may note that you do not need to fill up the water reservoir(s) in your humidifier as often with a Natural-Breeze filter. Don't worry - your humidifier is still adding humidity to the air. The difference between paper filters and our filters is that paper filters absorb water, while our filters will wick but not absorb water. Even though paper filters may wick a lot of water at first, they will soon lose much of that wicking capability and will have to be replaced. (Usually, when you have had a paper filter for about a month, your humidifier runs often, but you never have to replace the water reservoir. This is a sign that the filter has stopped working.) On the other hand, Natural-Breeze filters wick a moderate amount of water consistently throughout their lifetime. This means that the level of humidity in your home will stay relatively constant and that you will not have to replace filters all the time.

#5: Not Knowing How Long your Filter will Last or When to Clean It
You may be wondering how long your Natural-Breeze filter will last. It depends on the hardness of your water as well as how often you clean the filter. Many customers use one of our filters for an entire season and sometimes for multiple years in a row. The bottom line is that when used correctly, it will last significantly longer than a paper filter.

Clean the filter when it begins to build up calcification (white deposits on the sides of the filter). This will depend on the hardness of your water.

To clean the filter, refer to our cleaning instructions included with every purchase. We recommend using dish soap and water for mild calcification. Use vinegar for moderate calcification. The most important part is that you use COLD water and gently wash the filter. Don't scrub it, as this could make the filter start to deteriorate. If you need help, call us at 1-800-435-1568.

Natural-Breeze HC-14 Filter Replacement New

NB-003 HC-14 Day 1

Natural-Breeze HC-14 Filter Replacement Used

NB-003 HC-14 Day 30

Natural-Breeze HC-14 Filter Washed

NB-003 Filter Cleaned

Natural-Breeze NB-003 HC-14 Replacement After 30-Days of use

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